In this eleventh installment of 'Notes in the Margins', R.C. Roberts considers the ridiculous reaction to AOC's dress and notes how the Nassar Case reveals the weakness of our civil liberties
In this essay, Seth Andrew Davis weighs in on the discussion around AOC's 'Tax the Rich' dress, and the detrimental role of performative activism on Am…
In this essay, R.C. Roberts pinpoints the significance of 9/11, 20 years on: the invention and destruction of the axis of our evil.
In this essay, R.C. Roberts responds to an interview given by Cornel West, suggesting that the Left "needs Jesus". Roberts says: Not so fast.
R.C. Roberts writes about the state of the American worker on today, Labor Day, and what he sees as their future; to be divided by the rise of a prolet…
In the ninth installment of "Notes in the Margins", R.C. Robert discusses the debacle surrounding Nathan J. Robinson and the recent ban on OnlyFans
R.C. Roberts gives his observations on Afghanistan, noting that America did not lose, because it did what it came to do; it came to pillage
In this essay, R.C. Roberts considers the notion that the driver of the American economy is 'luck', since the class system is now ossified.
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